Website up!

These days it is a 5 minutes step to have a professional website up and running. I decided I would configure everything from the ground up to gain more practice with the tools and technologies that are normally automatically configured for us.

Step #1 – My domain and Route53

I had already bought a domain in Route53 but it was not being routed anywhere yet. I followed this guide to forward the traffic to the EC2 instance.

  • Created an A record that pointed to the EC2 instance IP. Wait! Isn’t different than I tried to access my EC2 instance through my newly configured domain but my browser kept returning “This site can’t be reached – ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED”. What?! But I just configured the route! Maybe it has not propagated yet, it being the cloud and all… Waited a good 20minutes and still would not budge.
  • After a lot of reading and googling, turns out my name servers were different than my hosted zones name servers. Doh! I made the assumption Route53 would automatically use the same name servers as my domain given that I literally created the hosted zone by clicking on my domain through the Route53 console. I copy pasted my hosted zones name servers to my domain name servers and it took roughly 30 seconds to start working. I also added a tiny CNAME record to link to Woot! My domain is finally pointing to my website!

Step #2 – EC2, Tomcat8 and the actual content of the Website

  • Previously I had very hastily installed tomcat8 just to make sure my EC2 instance could be accessed. Now I had to make the real configuration and deploy my war file. First, I moved the manager app outside of the root and very quickly found the configuration I required to make my war be the root as well as change the port to be 80 instead of :8080; it would not look very good if people had to type
  • To make the war be root, the war file has to be named ROOT.war and the folder with the content has to also be named ROOT.
  • To change the port to be :80, the file ‘server.xml’ in the tomcat8/conf folder needs to have the changes for port :80.
<Connector port="80" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
 redirectPort="8443" />
  • Also had to change users to secure access.

The Website

  • Using Java EE I went ahead to setup my project in Eclipse. First hurdle, how do I configure the web.xml to serve the content of my website? At first I tried

And that did work with my <html><body>Hello, World!</body></html>, but failed once I tried to serve any CSS, JS or image file.

  • One more thing to note in here is that the html files need to be at the root of the WebContent folder, right above WEB-INF.
  • Turns out I did not need any servlet mappings yet.
<welcome-file-list><welcome-file-list> <welcome-file>index.html</welcome-file> <welcome-file>index.htm</welcome-file> <welcome-file>index.jsp</welcome-file> <welcome-file>default.html</welcome-file> <welcome-file>default.htm</welcome-file> <welcome-file>default.jsp</welcome-file> </welcome-file-list>

Was all I needed.

  • Great, now to the actual development of the content. Since I am doing everything from scratch I want to leverage on some frameworks, that will also help me learn. ReactJS + Typescript + bootstrap + LESS or SASS and a package manager like npm? Maybe I could use AngularJS? What about the testing frameworks? Wait… I need to take a step back. Do I really need all this complexity? I am going to have a very simple home page with some of my information and the blog is currently hosted in wordpress, so… Maybe I just need bootstrap  to make my CSS life easier and npm to make packaging slightly easier.
  • My initial setup includes jquery and bootstrap. I created a very simple introductory home page that needs more styling but its not terrible. I think its a good start and I finally have my landing page that gives me an online presence. I have a ton of plans for that website, but one step at a time.

A lot of good lessons learnt in here: how to configure name servers in Route53; a good tomcat8 installation in EC2 that displays the WAR file at the root level; and refreshing those web development skills. I am not happy with the theme yet but its something.